Lonely Singles

New single "Sand" - August 22, 2022.

"Certain as our plans, statues made of sand.""Sand" is a slow-burning, moody single about love, loss, and impermanence. It has already received a strong response, with indie playlist placements on Spotify and radio play on stations including legendary DJ Jason Kramer's Los Angeles radio show on KCRW."I always thought this song was about the beach at midnight," says Alexander Webb, the singer and songwriter behind the song. "There is a sense of beauty and loss at that time, since the beach is a place we usually associate with the day. There is something about the energy of a place which has just become calm. I tried to capture that feeling with this track."Lonely Singles is an indie band fronted by writer Alexander Webb. Production on "Sand" as well as his previous singles "Couldn't Say Goodbye" "What If?" and "I Miss You." was handled by Michael Zuvela at Forbes Street Studios in Sydney, Australia.